A Reporter Was Choke-Slammed At A Donald Trump Rally By The Secret Service

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02.29.16 20 Comments

Attending a political rally for Donald Trump is all fun and games until the shouting starts. Not necessarily because of something rousing the Republican presidential candidate and front-runner told the crowd, per se, but because of the crowd’s response to something happening among its members. Maybe a protester’s chants were interrupted by a bit of Trump-supported roughing up, or maybe the supporters who did said roughing were invited onto the stage by the New York real estate mogul himself. Either way, Trump rallies often devolve into some kind of audience-caused chaos, as the events regularly attract protests, counter-protests, and security’s involvement.

Like what happened to Time magazine photographer Christopher Morris at an event at Radford University in Radford, Virginia on Monday. According to tweeted videos and comments from reporters who witnessed the event, Morris was allegedly choke-slammed onto the ground by a member of Trump’s Secret Service detail.

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