Seth Meyers’ ‘A Closer Look’: ‘Trump Thinks Vagina Is A Swing State’

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During his first Washington DC-based show of the week, Seth Meyers used his “A Closer Look” segment to do a deeper dive on Trump’s messed up weekend news cycle and even weirder debate performance. As Seth puts it, everybody was already distracted by the “Trump Train colliding with the Access Hollywood bus” earlier in the weekend when a now-notorious tape leaked of Donald Trump and Billy Bush hitting it off over some casual comments about sexual assault.

Meyers also points out the hypocrisy of Paul Ryan’s decision to continue to endorse Trump even after the latest catastrophe on the campaign trail. Disinviting Trump from a Wisconsin campaign event is far from the same thing as disavowing him as a presidential candidate. As horrifying as the tape was, Meyers does poke a bit of phone at Trump’s absurdity by saying he thinks “Vagina is a swing state” alongside its neighbor “West Vagina” where they “love him even more.”

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