Seth Meyers Takes ‘A Closer Look’ At The Insane Power Struggle Currently Happening In North Carolina

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12.19.16 3 Comments

The power grab in North Carolina has made headlines recently for being absolutely insane on a variety of levels. First, the North Carolina legislature introduced controversial bills like the HB2 law that was built to restrict LGBT rights. HB2 cost North Carolina the opportunity to host events like NCAA tournament games and NBA’s All-Star weekend. These attempts to restrict citizen’s rights not only made national news but set up a contentious election on November 8th. Republican Governor Pat McCrory lost to Democratic challenger Roy Cooper only to then try to steal the election due to some very specific loopholes and a narrow margin of defeat.

When that strategy failed, the outgoing Republican then attempted to limit the governing power of his successor and somehow succeeded. The latest development comes as a session has been called for Wednesday to decide whether HB2 will be gutted or if it will be completely repealed all together. Seth Meyers, in his normally discerning way, tries to keep track of all of the bananas developments of this saga. But not without taking some of his signature shots at Donald Trump first, including a reference to Trump being elected by the Electoral College on Monday “fair and Red Square.”

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