Seth Meyers Can’t Get Over The Insanity Of Trump Tweeting About The Comey/Russia Hearing As It Happened

Entertainment Writer

Seth Meyers reacted to Monday’s Congressional hearings with FBI head James Comey and NSA director Michael Rogers in a similar manner as the rest of the internet. The entire hearing confirmed a lot of ideas folks already assumed about the investigation into Russia’s tampering with the 2016 election, but it also seemed to have its fair share of oddities.

The biggest was Donald Trump tweeting about the hearings as they were happening, leading to said tweets becoming a topic at the hearings shortly after. It was a moment that was so wild, Meyers said, “They might as well just throw to Ernie, Kenny, and Charles” from Inside The NBA on TNT to give the play-by-play. It’s a surreal moment in political history that has no real comparison, but it was far from the strangest thing from the day.

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