Seth Meyers Finds The ‘Fredo Moment’ That Likely Sealed James Comey’s Fate With Trump

Entertainment Writer

Seth Meyers missed his chance for a “Closer Look” at the Comey situation with his show on Tuesday, taping his show right as the news was breaking. But he made up for it on Wednesday night with a supersized segment that covered the announcement and its absurd aftermath. Probably most interesting, he pinpointed the moment where Trump did his own reenactment of The Godfather Part II that came with its own kiss of death. While Comey doesn’t seem like a Fredo, he was certainly taken out in a manner that made a few people think of the ill-fated brother. Personally, Comey might be more of a Carlo than a Fredo or even a Juice for you Sons Of Anarchy fans. Poor Juice.

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