Seth Meyers Pinpoints The Double Standard Over Trump And Hillary’s ‘Basket Of Deplorables’

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09.14.16 3 Comments

If you listened to Donald Trump speak at all across his campaign, you know exactly how Seth Meyers feels in his latest edition of ‘A Closer Look’ on Late Night. Meyers is still caught up in Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” and he’s stuck at the point where Donald Trump and his surrogates have declared war on Clinton’s statements as the most outrageous thing to hit this election.

There’s plenty of balance issues going on in this election, with numerous real problems connected to transparency, but the deplorables comment is tame compared to almost every comment we’ve heard from Trump in the earlier days of his campaign. Meyers points this out and Keith Olbermann went to exhausting lengths to point it out with the premiere of his own show. The problem with KO is that Meyers has been here this entire election and has his toes in the murky, disgusting waters.

Meyers is quick to use Trump’s words against him when the candidate calls Hillary unfit to be president due to her comments. He flashes us back to Trump’s announcement of his candidacy and the salvo he launched against Mexico. According to Meyers, Trump would’ve have quit by the end of his speech if he was following his own logic.

Could’ve saved us a lot of time. Some of us were hoping to be deep in the trenches with Jeb Bush at this point, taking naps and enjoys saltines. Instead, we’re talking Trump and his legion of surrogates that seem to think they’re above the law.

(Via Late Night)

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