Sharon Tate’s Family Is Furious Over How ‘Aquarius’ Handles Her Murder

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Getty Image / NBC

It’s been almost 50 years since the Manson Family murdered Sharon Tate in a horrific scene on August 8, 1969. The gruesome attack, along with the LaBianca murders the next night, has lived in popular culture due to the famous nature of its victims and the media born from its actions. It also helps that Charles Manson has been a fixture thanks to his wild nature and odd acts within prison.

Books like Helter Skelter and shows like Aquarius have attempted to capture the story the best that they can, but it would seem that the latter is rubbing the family of Sharon Tate the wrong way. Tate’s sister Debra has taken to the media in order to raise some awareness to the show’s depiction of the murders, noting NBC’s reluctance to acknowledge her requests according to Variety:

One of the teaser trailers for the show, for example, shows a dead Sharon Tate on the ground and a close-up of her face as Manson walks over her. Debra Tate was given no warning of the trailer’s explicit nature and was very distraught.

“If it were our dead bodies lying on the floor, you don’t want the world witnessing that,” she added.

Tate said she requested a sit-down with NBC but was “completely ignored.” So although it seems unlikely the network would take the show off the air as she would prefer, she would like NBC to at least apologize.

“Do it tastefully, or at least give us courtesy of knowing what you guys are doing,” she asked. “It’s extremely insensitive to be portraying people in an untruthful manner.”

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