Shepard Smith Ridicules Trump For Backing Down On His ‘Big, Beautiful Wall’ Campaign Promise

01.09.18 4 months ago 4 Comments

During his meeting with Democrats and Republicans at the White House on Tuesday, President Trump not only said he’d “take the heat” for a bipartisan immigration deal, but he also appeared to ease off on some of his border wall dreams while codifying DACA and avoiding a government shutdown. On Fox News, frequent Trump critic Shepard Smith rolled his eyes at this news and ridiculed the president for breaking a campaign promise.

While running through the bullet points of what the president’s meeting with the members of Congress covered, including whether some issues could be circled back to after getting a DACA deal done, Smith arrived at the point where Trump sounded like he was no longer calling for a border wall:

“The president has changed his stance on the border wall. Instead of a big, beautiful wall with a big, beautiful door — what he told voters over and over and over again — now he advocates for a wall in some areas, technology and patrols in other areas. Quote, we don’t need 2,000 mile wall. Remember to get protection for Dreamers, DACA, there must be more border security, they’re not calling it a wall anymore, now they call it border security.”

Trump had previously given Congress a March deadline to come to an agreement about a DACA deal, but Smith thinks this might get extended, too.

(Via Fox News & RawStory)

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