Fox News’ Shepard Smith Defends CNN And Reporter Jim Acosta Over Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Accusation

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01.11.17 10 Comments

Shepard Smith took a moment at the end of his Wednesday broadcast to criticize Donald Trump’s “belittling” of Jim Acosta and trashing of CNN earlier in the day. Trump even went so far as call CNN a fake news site.

Trump’s first press conference as president-elect appeared to be an unofficial airing of the grievances, with Acosta being an apparent prime target. Trump’s gripe stemmed from CNN reporting on intel information about Russia’s reported “compromising” information, which was followed by the “golden showers” file’s release. But it should be noted that BuzzFeed released these documents, and CNN has gone out of their way to say they didn’t touch the “golden showers” file because it contained unverified information.

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