In A Nation Of Gun Worshipers, Could The United States Adopt Australia’s Gun Laws?

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12.06.15 27 Comments

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The photo above shows a famous moment in Australian history. In 1996, Australia enacted their National Firearms Agreement (NFA), which outlaws automatic and semi-automatic rifles along with pump-action shotguns. This drastic action followed after the Port Arthur massacre. Part of the NFA included a massive, federally-funded buyback program. This program gathered up 600,000 guns from the people in Australia. In the decade that followed, firearm homicides and suicides fell by 59 percent and 65 percent, respectively. No mass shootings have occurred in Australia over the past two decades.

In the United States (where guns now outnumber people), it’s hard to imagine a buyback program working due to the sheer size of such an undertaking. In 2013, there were about 357 million guns compared to 317 million people. That number has certainly grown after 2015’s Black Friday sales saw a 5% increase in gun sales compared to a year ago. FBI tracking records show a background check conducted once every two seconds (which only accounts for legal gun sales).

Guns are part of American history and culture. So are mass shootings. Will the San Bernardino massacre have any effect on the nation’s worship of guns?

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