Shouldn't You Be Back At College?

09.22.10 7 years ago 9 Comments

The other day I stopped by the old local college to pick up some course books because I decided I am going back to school. And as I was escorted from the campus for my “lack of pants” and “multiple restraining orders” filed by the Alpha Delta Pi sorority, I thought to myself, “You know, handsome and charming is only going to get me so far in life, maybe I should seriously consider going back to school.”

Well the people at College Board agree with me, but not because of my love of 19-year old coeds. According to their most recent study, despite the current unemployment rate (hanging out somewhere between 9.5 and 11 percent, depending on which biased media outlets you choose to ignore), people are still getting new jobs, and the majority of those people are college graduates. Additionally, when payday rolls around, they’re also earning more than people without college degrees. But enough with the most obvious thing you’ve heard all day.

As if it doesn’t sting enough that the cast of the Jersey Shore makes more in one episode than most recent college grads make their entire first year out of school, it turns out that the entire state of New Jersey is probably kicking your honor student’s ass, too. In a recent study of states with the highest amount of college graduates, the Garden State ranks 7th in the U.S. That means unless you live in Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire or North Dakota, you better lay off the guido jokes, BRO!

Finally, the working class is finding financial management to be a little more different these days, what with the rising costs of college tuition and the rising costs of not having to work once you hit 65. Families with more children have found themselves falling behind in saving just for their children’s college tuition, let alone the parents’ retirement. But with basic saving and knowing your expenses in advance, you can manage your money properly and save enough to retire on time and send your kids to college. Unless your name is Travis Henry.

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  • You’re never going to believe this – people with college degrees earn more. (College News)
  • New Jersey ranks Top 10 in college graduates. Seriously. I’m not kidding. (
  • You must choose between your future and your child’s… don‘t worry, there‘s no right choice. (CNBC)



  • Speaking of college, remember when Harrisburg University of Science and Technology blacked out social networking for a week to prove that it’s detrimental to students? Of course you don’t, you were fertilizing your neighbor’s crops. (Reuters)
  • Looking to impress the ladies in your 8 am class? There’s no better way to say you’re from an educated New Jersey. (The Situation Shirt)
  • Great news for aspiring morticians – a funeral home in Rhode Island is opening a pub. Attached to it. Drink up. (WPRI)



  • In 2005, a study of 53 college campuses across the U.S. showed that students were drinking 7.39 drinks per week. According to my college math, by 2010 that means they’re drinking 6 million drinks per week. Also, in 2005 my weeks were apparently comprised of a half day. (
  • As of 2008, 4-year public colleges were graduating less than 60 percent of their students in under six years. And people were complaining that we have a shortage of doctors. (The American)


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