‘SNL’ Star Michael Che Says Trump’s Latest Jab At The Media Is ‘F*cking Funny’ And ‘Genius’

07.01.17 12 months ago 10 Comments

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Weekend Update co-anchor Michael Che is currently on newsdesk hiatus until SNL launches its spin-off summer take on the series staple. Mind you, Che doesn’t need an NBC live feed to broadcast his thoughts. That’s what social media is for. The Daily Show alum shared his thoughts on the latest Trump controversy and explained that he thinks the former SNL host and current president has concocted a brilliant strategy to keep the heat off other issues.

Providing his perspective on Trump’s latest tirade against Morning Joe, Che said that he agreed with Trump calling co-host Mika Brzezinski “dumb as a rock.” According to Che, Trump is outsmarting the press and he finds it hilarious.

“Trump calling a news lady ‘dumb as rocks’ is f*cking funny,” wrote Che. “Look, Trump is not wrong about the media. They’re not good. They DO make sh*t up. They DO sensationalize bullsh*t for ratings and profit.”

In his view, Trump’s pulling the strings because he has the news cycle hooked on his latest flub or public disaster. Che argues that if the media kept away from reporting his latest mistake on Twitter, they could put their attention strictly towards his policies.

“It would drive him nuts,” says Che. “But they will never do that. Cause they’ll lose ratings and that’s their only allegiance and he knows that.”

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Essentially, Che’s arguing for a Treehouse of Horror “Just Don’t Look” approach to covering Trump: The Celebrity. There’s certainly merit to what he’s saying. Things like covering “covfefe” and Trump’s moaning about journalists isn’t as high priority of an issue as health care, immigration or environmental safety. He’s absolutely right on that. That said, there’s a reason why outlets and audiences are fascinated by Trump’s behavior. Actions and comments traditionally considered career-killing in politics and not in line with presidential conduct used to be scandalous. Now, it’s a standard issue portion of the day and point to the current political climate. The prospect of Che’s desire to see coverage of Trump strictly kept to his policies seems like an outside shot based on the way things have gone so far.

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