Stephen Colbert Celebrates Donald Trump’s First 100 Days In Office With An ‘Exclusive’ Interview

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Different news outlets are marking the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency in different ways, with some opting for a fact-checking route and others extensively picking through his success or failures (mostly the latter, of course). Many a late night show will surely be cracking jokes about the way things have panned out in Trump’s first few months in office. In Stephen Colbert’s case, he decided to air an “exclusive” interview with Trump during which the host asks POTUS to describe his first few months making all the calls for the country.

In the clip, which is well-spliced but obviously fake enough so as to be pretty funny as well, Colbert has Trump admit to wanting to start a nuclear war (which would destroy all of the golf courses!), discuss the fact that people are unsure if he’s sane, and reveal that he won’t touch NAFTA or Medicare but will touch an unsuspecting women’s behind. Best of all, Colbert splices in the best possible answer when he “asks” Trump how he would sum up his first 100 days: “It’s hurting the country.” They might not be answers that will ever actually come out of Trump’s mouth regarding his leadership, but it makes for a humorous bit that adds some levity to a pretty crushing first part of this presidency.

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