Not Even Stephen Hawking Can Explain The Rise Of Donald Trump, But Sarah Palin Can

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05.31.16 5 Comments

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Stephen Hawking regularly supplies the world with a fount of knowledge. Academia and popular science fans alike clamor for the theoretical physicist’s thoughts on the end of the world and black holes, the latter of which would reveal much about the universe’s history. Hawking can also effortlessly glide from speaking about the search from alien life to, say, the intricacies of One Direction, and no question has ever stumped the revered cosmologist and author. That is, until now.

Hawking does not understand the rise of Donald Trump, but he’s in company with much of the world. In fact, one of the only people who does understand this mysterious phenomenon would be Sarah Palin, who summed up the candidate’s appeal at a recent San Diego rally by chirping, “The status quo has got to go, the permanent political class has failed us.” She’s correct. Trump came along at the right time when a group of Republican voters felt disgruntled enough to vote for a ragingly different alternative. Here’s Palin shouting, “He is we the people’s nominee, so suck it up, cupcake!” at the mainstream media. Those comments come at the beginning of this video.

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