This Stray Dog Humping A Reporter’s Leg Outside A Donald Trump Rally Location Screams America

02.26.16 3 years ago

Meet Earle Farrell, a reporter for Fox 13’s Good Morning Memphis program in Tennessee. Farrell spent Friday morning reporting on location outside the Millington Regional Jetport in Shelby County, where Donald Trump will speak at a rally on Saturday evening. Since the Fox 13 team had arrived almost 36 hours before the Republican presidential candidate‘s arrival for a brief shoot, Farrell and his crew didn’t think there’d be much to do but point the camera, talk into the microphone and go. They were wrong.

That’s because a stray dog approached Farrell as soon as anchor Ernie Freeman tuned in for a live shot. And not just any stray dog, but one whose heart was straining for love. Hence why the dog immediately began humping Farrell’s leg — much to the amusement of his on site crew, Freeman and practically everyone else watching in the station and at home.

“I’ve got a dog that’s apparently taking a liking to me,” Farrell told Freeman before he decided to cut the love live shot short. “I’ll tell ya, we’re gonna come back to you, because I can’t get this thing to leave me alone. We’ll be back.”

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