Strippers Remind You To Get Your Flu Shot

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10.02.10 3 Comments

Rachel’s Gentlemen’s Club in the small town of Castleberry, Florida has a unique way of giving back to the community. No, not free lap dances (we should be so lucky).  For the sixth year in a row, Rachel’s has hired nurses (real ones) to administer free flu shots in the VIP room.  Seniors and veterans can also receive a free “gourmet buffet”, with tables waited on by strippers in lingerie and fishnets, because nothing says “gourmet” like visible C-section scars.  Here’s a helpful tip: don’t forget to contribute to your IRAs.  You don’t want to end up desperate enough for a free meal that you’ll eat at the hepatitis buffet.

Speaking of infections, a new malware called Stuxnet has been spreading through industrial networks. It’s the first known worm to target industrial systems and may have been created to sabotage a nuclear plant in Iran.  The malware infects Windows systems through the USB drive, then seeks out a specific Siemens AG software in industrial control systems. If it doesn’t find the software from Siemens AG, it tries to spread to other computers in the network and keep looking. Once it finds the software, Stuxnet will alter the PLC (Programmable Logic Control) to send new instructions to industrial machines.  The malware can, for example, interfere with temperature gauges or pressure gauges to cause enormous damage to a physical target.  All from simply plugging something infected into a USB drive somewhere in the network.

Industrial control security researcher Ralph Langner of Germany estimates that the malware has infected up to 45,000 industrial networks worldwide, while Siemens AG says it’s infected fifteen industrial control plants.  Meanwhile, AFP is reporting the malware has spread to China and has infected “millions” of computers there.  If this worm interferes with Chinese manufacturing, it could bring Walmart to its knees. Then what would their employees do?  Is Rachel’s Gentlemen’s Club hiring?


  • Florida strip club distributes free flu shots. (NBCMiami, with a mostly-disappointing video)
  • Stuxnet malware has infected between fifteen and 45,000 industrial networks. Nice to see we’ve got a precise estimate. (Hewreck)
  • Stuxnet may have been created to sabotage a nuclear plant in Iran. (CNET)
  • Stuxnet spreads from Iran to China. (France24)



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  • MGM’s Vdara tower in Las Vegas also doubles as a death ray. Who knew building a giant concave reflective surface in the desert could be a problem? (LVRJ via BoingBoing)
  • And of course there’s a Taiwanese animation of the death ray hotel, made for Apple Action News. (YouTube)



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