Susan Sarandon Helped Shut Down A Crazy Rumor About Bernie Sanders

Entertainment Editor
02.21.16 3 Comments

The Nevada caucus was a bit of a mess with Hillary Clinton eventually landing victorious. Behind the scenes, another non-controversy swirled around Bernie Sanders when noted feminist and Hillary Clinton supporter, Dolores Huerta, claimed his supporters screamed “English only” at her when she offered to translate at a Nevada caucus site. Shocked reactions were aimed towards the alleged offenders, but it turns out no one ever yelled “English only.” To think that people were denied a translation would be surprising, especially coming from fans of Bernie. However, some of his supporters are allegedly making sexist remarks towards Hillary and her supporters (although the Bern has denounced such sentiments in response).

Susan Sarandon, respected activist and woman, cleared the air with what she witnessed – no one was screaming “English only.” She says they were shouting “neutral,” for a neutral translator that was not affiliated with either Bernie or Hillary.

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