The Adult Film Star From Ted Cruz’s Pulled Ad Defends Herself On CNN

02.13.16 3 years ago

Much was made earlier this week about the Ted Cruz campaign putting the kibosh on a TV ad because it featured an actress whose resume contains a handful of Skinemax titles. The actress, Amy Lindsay, has spoken out, and CNN’s Jake Tapper got her to do so live on the air.

Tapper scored the first television interview with Lindsay, whose one-line part in an ad pillorying Marco Rubio caused a nationwide stir thanks to the Cruz campaign’s skittishness over some examples of her work like Carnal Wishes, Forbidden Sins and, ahem… MILF.

Lindsay told Tapper that her spot in the commercial was just a regular “gig.” She is “definitely” supporting a Republican candidate in the upcoming election (though she did not specify which one), and she was “pretty shocked” about the ad, which she shot “a couple months ago,” being pulled.

Lindsay described herself as “fiscally conservative and maybe a little more socially liberal in some of my views” to Tapper, who asked her if she found it “hypocritical” that the Cruz campaign seemed to single out “liberal deviants” as those who watch some of her films. Lindsay, who has also appeared on Star Trek: Voyager and the Oscar-nominated The Portrait of a Lady, wouldn’t bite but did point out that “it’s definitely a dichotomy to me.”

Oh and in case you’re dying to know who Amy Lindsay is endorsing for president, don’t worry. She told Tapper she “absolutely will” when he asked her if she’d come back on his show when she was ready to do so.


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