Ted Cruz Is Asking America To Give Hillary Clinton The Spanking He Can’t Physically Administer

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01.08.16 25 Comments
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There are several things we know about Presidential candidate Ted Cruz: He’s a family man with a very chill and sincere support base, his website wants you to know Obama’s coming for your guns, and he’s made Mandy Patinkin very angry with his Princess Bride impressions. But did you know that Ted Cruz is also a proponent of spanking other presidential candidates? Well, at least figuratively.

Mediate reports that due to today being Friday, Cruz might have thought he could sneak a couple of very inappropriate sentences into a campaign stop in Iowa, where he was asked about Hillary Clinton, Benghazi and what he would do if, due to a comedy of errors, he’d end up as president. Poor Ted Cruz, though: he couldn’t even get through an answer without bringing question to both his campaigning and parenting skills.

From The Washington Post :

Cruz  added: “We do know Hillary told her daughter Chelsea, well gosh, I knew it was a terrorist attack, while we were out telling the American people it wasn’t. You know I’ll tell you, in my house, if my daughter Catherine, the five-year-old, says something she knows to be false, she gets a spanking.”

This, of course, is the point where everyone knew things would go very well–when Cruz compared a grown woman running for president to his own child and then implied that Hillary Clinton should be physically punished in the same way. But not by him.

He continued: “Well, in America the voters have a way of administering a spanking.”

He’s not wrong. People who don’t like what Clinton stands for don’t have to vote for her. But there are a lot of questions about exactly how the American public will be administering the spanking. Is it just not electing her or is Cruz planning something more? And just exactly what is he planning? Knowing him, unfortunately, it can’t be anything good.

(Via Mediaite, The Washington Post)


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