Ted Cruz: Donald Trump Is Too ‘Terrified’ To Face Megyn Kelly In A Debate Again

News Editor
03.17.16 5 Comments

Ted Cruz has been surprisingly smug since he lost every state in the Super Tuesday Sequel. He gave an unsettling speech where he pretty much claimed Marco Rubio’s voters, and he’s surely looking for an endorsement from the Florida senator. Even more, he’d love to take the 169 delegates that Rubio gathered before suspending his campaign (some delegates can choose who to support now that Rubio is done). While Cruz is feeling confident, perhaps he can confront those newfound Stryper rumors and finally answer, once and for all, why folks think he’s the Zodiac Killer. These are pressing questions and comic relief for those who can’t cope with the current nominees.

However, Cruz is more preoccupied with smacking Donald Trump for shutting down the Fox News debate. Kelly once asked Cruz how he likes being “The Most Hated Man” for his 2013 filibuster, and now, she and Cruz are swiping at Trump together. Cruz somehow went from talking about White Castle and Dr. Seuss for 20-ish hours on the Senate floor to being the effective runner up for the Republican nomination. Times have changed.

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