Texas Clearly Has Their Best Doctors On Hand To Stop The Spread Of Ebola

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10.01.14 5 Comments

So people are either in an actual panic over the spread of Ebola across the United States, or they’re in a fake social media panic in order to grab attention. I’m going for the latter, but I’m also crowning this Conan clip as the king of the Ebola-related parodies.

Here we see just how well equipped Texas is to handle their new Ebola problem, all in typical Texas fashion. Conan should certainly be an expert by now, so why shouldn’t we believe this?

If that’s not enough to calm your fears, maybe you want to invest in one of these awesome looking hazmat suits from Lakeland Industries. The State Department already put in a bid to buy 160,000, so you know it’s the highest quality.

(Via Team Coco / Dot Med)

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