‘The Daily Show’ Attempts To Make Sense Of The Real Winners And Losers In Iowa

Entertainment Editor
02.03.16 2 Comments

So, who won Iowa? When the votes were tallied, it was Ted Cruz winning over Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, but Rubio’s surprisingly strong showing that brought him into third place was a huge win. Especially considering how far down he was in the polls over the last few months. Rubio was the real winner, you could say.

On the left, Hillary Clinton barely edged out Bernie Sanders to take Iowa, but Bernie was barely known even a few months ago and was down more than fifty points to Hillary in Iowa at the start of the year. For them to basically tie is a huge moral victory for Bernie and his band of democratic socialists. Even in defeat, they basically won! But… Hillary also won! Sometimes by coin flips! Exclamations!

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