Trevor Noah Tries To Poke Holes In ‘Fire And Fury’ But Michael Wolff Says His Book Is ‘Absolutely Accurate’

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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Michael Wolff, the author of the best-selling Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, has been deflecting all comers who want to question the validity of his book, including Trevor Noah, who did his best to poke holes into some of the allegations Wolff has made in the book and while on his recent press tour.

For his part, the Daily Show host homed in on Wolff’s recent stop on Real Time with Bill Maher where the author strongly suggested President Trump was having an affair with someone in the White House. Their questioning goes down like this:

Noah: Where are you getting this from?
Wolff: You just have to read the book.
Noah: But I read the book, I don’t know where you got that from.
Wolff: You just have to somewhat read between the lines, it’s there.
Noah: But it’s not there.
Wolff: It is there.

As Noah points out, Wolff is really good at selling this book.

For much of the interview, Noah questions Wolff, astonished that he could even get access to the White House, but Wolff paints a picture of a staff that knows their boss isn’t made for the job and doesn’t want the job, while they take pity on the lonely journalist who’s sitting around for Steve Bannon. Wolff even blatantly says what many are thinking… Well, Wolff confirms what many are already blatantly saying (and thinking), by blurting out: “Yeah, he’s stupid.”

Then, Wolff called Trump “bald,” claims he “can’t even read a balance sheet,” and says “the people around Trump would agree that the Emperor wears no clothes.” He continues by stating: “This is a really troubled place and Trump ultimately and I think everyone in the White House would agree that Trump is not someone who wants to be President.”

It’s one of the many moments during the interview when Noah has to gather himself and pick his jaw up off the floor.

(Via Comedy Central/Daily Beast)

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