This Tow Truck Driver Stranded A Disabled Woman On The Interstate Because She’s A Bernie Supporter

05.05.16 3 years ago 43 Comments

Bernie supporter? Don’t get into an accident in Asheville, North Carolina, or its surrounding areas because Ken Shupe of Travelers Rest, South Carolina, won’t help you get home. Not even if your car is dead, you’re disabled, and the only other option is to leave you on the side of the road in the hopes that another tow truck will show up to help.

This isn’t a smear and it isn’t hyperbole. Shupe himself admitted that he refused to help 25-year-old Cassandra McWade after her car was hit by a tractor-trailer while she was on her way home on Monday. According to FOX Carolina, McWade called her usual mechanic, but he couldn’t make it, so he sent Shupe. Shupe, however, took one look at McWade’s car and decided there was no way he could help a “socialist” as a “Christian and a conservative,” even though loving thy neighbor is definitely one of the commandments.

Here’s what McWade’s mother posted on Facebook after the incident, via FOX Carolina:

Heads up, friends…. Cass had a wreck in Asheville yesterday. She is fine, but the car was not driveable. We called our mechanic who was tied up in Easley at the time, so he sent ShupeeMax Towing to get her. Kenneth Shupee drove from Travelers Rest to Asheville, hooked up her car, and when he went around to the back, he came back and told her that he wouldn’t tow her because she had a Bernie sticker on the back of the car. HE LEFT HER ON THE SIDE OF THE INTERSTATE IN NC, and DROVE AWAY. Spread this bigot’s story far & wide. Btw, I’m guessing he’s a Trump supporter. The only difference is that the Don would have taken the money, because he at least realizes that liberals’ money spends just the same as anyone else’s. Dumb (expletive) cost himself money driving all the way to Asheville & back for nothing. (Expletive).

McWade’s correct in assuming that Shupe is voting for Trump. In fact, he’s open about the fact that the only reason he didn’t pick McWade up because he knew that as “a socialist” she wouldn’t pay him. He even told FOX Carolina that when he deals with Sanders’ supporters he gets, “berned with a u.” Clever. But also really, really scummy. Equally scummy? Shupe told McWade to, “call the government for a tow,” if she needed one so badly.

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