Senator Tim Kaine’s Son Faces Charges For Protesting At A Trump Rally

05.26.17 10 months ago 2 Comments

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In March, Linwood “Woody” Kaine, the son of Virginia Senator and former Hillary Clinton running mate Tim Kaine, was arrested for participating in a counter-protest at a pro-Trump rally in St. Paul, Minnesota.

According to a police incident report, the younger Kaine was one of “five or six people all dressed in black from head to toe” who set off smoke bombs and fireworks in the state capitol building after breaking off from a larger protest. The group was spotted in a nearby park after the incident and apprehended after fleeing. Prosecutors have now charged Kaine with several misdemeanors for in involvement.

Kaine was charged with fleeing on foot, concealing identity in a public place, and obstructing the legal process by interfering with a peace officer. The latter charge carries a possible one year sentence and fine and stems from Kaine refusing to go to the ground after running away, being knocked down, being hit with “a chemical irritant,” and being struck with a knee while while resisting. Two other protestors face felony charges for their alleged use of tear gas in the incident.

Tim Kaine and his wife Anne Holton’s only public comments on this incident came in March, shortly after the initial arrest. “We love that our three children have their own views and concerns about current political issues,” their statement read. “They fully understand the responsibility to express those concerns peacefully.”

However a spokesperson for Tim Kaine said the charges against Woody Kaine showed “no suggestion that he engaged in disruptive behavior while at the rally, but are instead focused on his actions as he was arrested after he left. Tim and Anne support their son and hope the matter is resolved soon.”

(via CNN& NBC News)

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