Donald Trump’s 2018 Plans Involve A Lot Of Campaigning, Rallies And Midterm Election Visibility

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12.16.17 8 Comments

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It’s no secret that Donald Trump is rather fond of his rallies. Unlike jousting with the press, Trump always seems much happier making declarations at events for his base, a demo that’s less likely to take issue with the president’s frequently controversial remarks. According to a new report, Trump will be returning to the campaign trail in a major way in 2018 and it’s something that has America’s two most popular parties analyzing the impact of that plan.

The Washington Post reports that the White House is prepping for a “full-throttle” campaign to feature Trump prominently across the country during 2018’s midterm races. Senior officials indicate that Trump’s aides have met over 100 candidates and that the president is aiming to get involved in Senate, House and gubernatorial races. The White House stresses that Trump campaign plans are not designed as an ego stroke.

“For the president, this isn’t about adulation and cheering crowds,” said White House political director Bill Stepien. “This is about electing and re-electing Republicans.”

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