Donald Trump Lectures ABC News And David Muir While Accusing Them Of ‘Demeaning’ And ‘Inaccurate’ Coverage

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01.26.17 17 Comments

Donald Trump gave his first one-on-one “presidential” interview to ABC News’ David Muir on Wednesday night. Many of the answers retreaded previous quotes, but a few jaw-dropping moments occurred when Muir broached the “crowd-size” mess from a few angles. Yes, this is still ongoing, even after Sean Spicer angrily lied about the size and claimed that this was the most enormous Inauguration Day crowd ever.

Muir quizzed Trump about why he even cared about size so much when he won the election, and why on earth would he stand in front of a CIA Memorial Wall and stormily complain about the media (accurately) comparing his crowd to Obama’s attendees.

Trump used this opportunity to bash the media, as always, but he went even further by scolding the heck out of Muir and ABC News for covering the CIA speech “very inaccurately.” Basically, it sounds like Trump would have preferred the “alternative facts” treatment, and he praised the heck out of Fox News for praising him:

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