In A Bizarre, Unhinged Rant Trump Accuses Hillary Of Cheating On Bill And Claims She ‘Could Be Crazy’

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10.02.16 9 Comments

On Saturday night, The New York Times not-so-quietly published some Trump tax documents that revealed two things: (1) A $916 million 1995 loss; and (2) Possible tax avoidance for almost two decades. At about the same time, Trump delivered a batsh*t crazy campaign speech in the battleground state of Pennsylvania (in Manheim). In the above clip, he backtracked on his feigned concern about Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia spell by unveiling his impression of how she stumbled while overheated at the 9/11 Ground Zero ceremony. He added that she’s “at home resting” while he’s working, which could be an allusion to how his sexist 3:00 am Twitter rants “prove” he’ll always be awake to protect the country. He then shouted, “Folks, we need stamina!”

The rest of the speech included some real Trump doozies. He bragged about having a “winning temperament” and claimed that Clinton’s the real problem: “Now, she’s got bad temperament … she could actually be crazy.” And so much for Eric Trump’s claim that his father shows “courage” by choosing not to attack Bill Clinton’s infidelities. Not only did Trump go there, but he suggested Hillary was also unfaithful: “I don’t even think she’s loyal to Bill, if you want to know the truth. And really folks, why should she be, right?” He continued with what was less of a speech and more of a litany of complaints.

Trump’s been going off the rails all week during his Machado meltdown, and something both amusing and troubling happened in an afternoon caption. Fox News tried to get out ahead of things by captioning what would become a bonkers day as “Clinton takes day off.”


Fox News

The implication here would be that Trump is careening downhill, but at least he’s got “stamina.” His Manheim speech shall go down as one of Trump’s most off-the-wall evenings, which is a dubious accomplishment. Stand-up comedy! You may watch the full speech below with a little more discussion after the video.

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