Donald Trump Asks Foreign Politicians For Illegal Campaign Donations After The Brexit Vote

06.29.16 3 years ago 21 Comments
Donald Trump Delivers Trade Policy Address In Pennsylvania

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Considering his delivered-in-front-of-a-garbage-pile economy speech, Donald Trump seems to know everything there is to know about money. Sure he’s had a few issues with his tax returns, and his campaign’s ability to raise money (outside of his much-boasted personal wealth) is negligible compared to presidential candidates who are no longer in the spotlight. Yet this is the Donald we’re talking about, the famous New York real estate mogul who started The Apprentice and whose name adorns buildings all over the world. So why are his staffers sending email blasts to European and Australian politicians asking for illegal campaign contributions?

Per Talking Points Memo, several European and Australian politicians have reported receiving targeted emails signed by Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr. Scottish MP Natalie McGarry first drew attention to the matter when she tweeted screen shots of the emails and her response on Monday. “Why you think it appropriate to write emails to U.K. parliamentarians with a begging bowl for your father’s repugnant campaign is completely beyond me,” she wrote to Trump Jr.

McGarry wasn’t the only MP member to receive an email from the Trump campaign. According to the Scotsman, The first email of the two emails posted by McGarry were “received by many MPs last week,” before the Brexit. Members of the Scottish National Party and several English MPs were also on whatever list(s) the Trump campaign had acquired, as they all received targeted emails from the American presidential candidate.

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