Donald Trump Made The Mistake Of Holding Up A White Sign On Stage And The Internet Took Advantage

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08.12.16 3 Comments

Donald Trump has a rough week or two here recently, at least that’s the ‘dishonest media’s’ take on his run of luck. Most of it is his own doing and he can’t seem to get out of his own way, but don’t think that’s about to stop him. But it seems he still riles people up when he doesn’t do anything at all. All Trump had to do to garner the attention of the internet masses this time around was hold up a white sign during his rally in Miami.

Rob Flaherty posted a call to arms on Twitter as you can see above and people soon followed through with their best takes on what would be on Trump’s sign. It’s a lob by internet standards — which is why, according to NYMag, Reddit’s subreddit took down a Photoshop battle featuring the image — but it’s still nice to see the freak flag fly a bit in regards to the Donald’s shenanigans. There’s even two Harambe’s in the mix here, which should really say something about the longevity of that ape’s memorial. Or it says something about the ability of some on the internet to keep a joke alive too long. You be the judge.

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