President Trump Started Christmas Eve By Sharing Memes With Him ‘Killing’ CNN

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12.24.17 14 Comments

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There was once a period of time where the president did not spend his Christmas trying to start a fight with the media, his rivals, other countries, and anybody that he might’ve missed in the process. It’s typically a boring period where the president wishes the nation well and takes a backseat unless he’s needed. Not so for President Trump, who kicked off the Christmas weekend by taking aim at the FBI and then continued on Christmas Eve by moving on to Hillary Clinton and the lying media. This includes a special retweet for CNN, where he’s once again condoning some form of violence towards the network.

It’s a stretch and far less violent than the WWE clip with Trump attacking Vince McMahon with a “CNN” logo for his head, but the message wasn’t lost on Jake Tapper:

None of this should be surprising, but it has been a weekend that tests that idea after the report on Trump’s thoughts about immigration. It’s almost like he wants to fill the role of everybody’s worst relative for Christmas.

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