Trump Tries To Rename CNN As The ‘Clinton News Network’ During His Tirade Against ‘Fake News’ At CPAC

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02.24.17 14 Comments

Donald Trump spoke at CPAC on Friday morning, and if anyone was hoping for a replay of last week’s combative press conference — in which he yelled at the media for 75 minutes — they’d be sorely disappointed by what was essentially a stand-up comedy routine. The difference, of course, is that Trump was speaking to an adoring audience rather than a room full of critical reporters, but he still managed to fire several shots at the press. We’ll run down some highlights here, including the above clip, in which Trump reignited a not-so-original joke that’s been circulating for years:

“Somebody said, ‘A new poll came out.’ And I say, ‘What network is it?’ And they say, a certain, let’s not even mention names, alright? We have a lot of them, look. The Clinton News Network is one. Take a look, honestly!”

This is simply a continuation of Trump’s “fake news” insult that he lobs at CNN (or any number of outlets, including New York Times) when they report anything even slightly negative. He further railed against the press while claiming that no one loves the First Amendment more than he does, and here, he claimed that he’s “only against the fake news media.”

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