Trump Dodged A Question On Russia During A Bizarre, Impromptu Q&A While Don King Waved The Israeli Flag

Film/TV Editor
12.28.16 14 Comments

Donald Trump hasn’t held a press conference in five months, but he decided tonight was a great time to address the media somewhere besides Twitter. So, he and Don King popped out of his Palm Beach estate’s front door and simply began talking. This was a truly odd “press conference,” although I guess it qualifies as one? It was more like an impromptu Q&A session that happened because Trump’s pal wanted to yell, “Make America Great Again!”

The boxing promoter (who was previously seen dropping the n-word at a Trump rally) aired his feelings about John Kerry’s criticism of Benjamin Netanyahu by waiving the Israeli and American flags. King must have been holding half a dozen flags, and he expressed confidence that Trump could bolster U.S.-Israel relations:

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