The Biggest Lessons Learned From Donald Trump’s First 100 Days

05.01.17 11 months ago 2 Comments

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No matter your expectations for what a Trump presidency would be, chances are he (and the world) has surprised you in these first 100 days — a construct that he alternately downplayed and used as a benchmark to measure his administration’s accomplishments (with some negative fanfare).

This article isn’t meant to weigh in on whether Trump kept all his promises (something no politician ever does) or to declare whether these 100 days represent a positive or negative step for America — you can (and surely will) decide that for yourself. What we’re interested in is the lessons learned about Trump, Congress, the resist movement, the media, and the whole of the government. So, with that said, here are 10 of those lessons.

A President’s Legacy Is A Very Fragile Thing

There are certain things that Donald Trump can’t take away from President Barack Obama like the defeat of Osama Bin Laden, the bounceback following the great recession, and the historic nature of his election win. But it seems like Trump is taking a run at nearly everything else in an effort to fuel his own legacy. And when Trump leaves office, the same thing will likely happen all over again.

It’s a cycle. It’s also a relief if you’ve been horrified by Trump’s early actions (or Obama’s body of work, I suppose), but isn’t it also a little exhausting to see such clear evidence that we’re sort of stuck in a hyper-partisan loop where it’s always going to be one step forward or two steps back whenever someone new steps into power?

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