The Trump Foundation Donated To Jenny McCarthy’s Anti-Vaccination Charity

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09.30.16 4 Comments

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The Trump Foundation’s actions are both shadowy and shady while existing to create the appearance of philanthropy. Trump hasn’t donated his own money to the foundation for years. It serves as a conduit for organizations and individuals (like Vince McMahon) to donate cash, and then Trump uses the money as he sees fit. Sometimes he uses the money to buy politician favors or purchase enormous paintings of himself. He does dole out some foundation money to veteran’s associations and the like — although multiple instances have been proven to be phantom donations — but Trump’s own expenditures mainly consist of coupons to his golf courses and hotels.

Back in 2010, Trump chose to swing some foundation money towards a cause that has been near and dear to his heart for years. The Daily Beast dug up records that show a donation to notorious anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy’s nonprofit, Generation Rescue, in the amount of $10,000:

McCarthy’s charity promotes “alternative vaccination physicians” and has a grant program to provide families with autistic children with vitamins, minerals, and supplements; urine testing; and “dietary intervention training.” She has also claimed that her son has recovered from vaccine-triggered autism because of so-called biomedical treatment: She changed his diet, gave him vitamins, and “detoxed” his body from metals.

Well, at least Trump comes by his enthusiasm for recent conspiracy theories honestly. After all, one shouldn’t be surprised to remember that a guy who subscribes to the anti-vax crowd’s beliefs also pushed Birtherism and Alt-Right theories about Hillary Clinton’s health. But not only did Trump open his foundation’s wallet to McCarthy’s pet cause, he also tweeted his beliefs. He still hasn’t deleted his assertions about “many cases” of autism:

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