The Press Destroys Its Own Footage Of Donald Trump’s Hotel Tour After His ‘Birther’ Speech

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09.16.16 17 Comments

Following Donald Trump’s brief attempt to pin his own birtherism claims on Hillary Clinton, two very important things happened. First, the major media outlets aiming their cameras on the press conference recognized the charade for what it was (free publicity for the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.) and called the Republican nominee out. Some, like CNN’s Jake Tapper, went so far as to dub the barely 30-second speech a “political Rick-roll.”

As for the second, it quite literally happened off camera, as Trump’s angry, ostracized press pool decided to destroy all footage of a subsequent hotel tour and refuse coverage. It all began when the campaign pulled the media’s access to the presidential candidate at the last minute and whisked him off stage. Video of the escape, as captured by BBC News reporter Anthony Zurcher, revealed a crowd of angry journalists, who demanded Trump “take some questions.”

Things only got worse when, according to Politico, campaign staffers refused to allow anyone other than still photographers and video cameras into the press pool for a hotel tour subsequently conducted by Trump himself. This was a clear violation of pool rules, which state “any event that is pooled with cameras” must include at least one “pool producer.” This producer, ABC’s Candace Smith, claimed she was “physically restrained” from accompanying the tour.

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