A Law Firm Representing Donald Trump Was Named Russia Law Firm Of The Year In 2016

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01.11.17 5 Comments

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On the day that Donald Trump finally held a news conference (after a 5-month drought) and finally acknowledged Russia’s role in hacking the election, media sources began to realize that a law firm representing him was named Russia Law Firm of the Year in May 2016. The global law firm in question, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, had partner Sheri Dillon on hand during Trump’s first presidential press conference on Wednesday to go over the intricacies of how he will be severing ties with his business when he becomes president.

As stories are swirling about Russia’s “compromising” hold on Trump’s alleged “golden shower” information, the last thing the president-elect may need is another friendly Russian connection. Peter Alexander of NBC News was the first to point out that Morgan, Lewis & Bockius was named the Russia Law Firm of the Year.

The bright side is the law firm is doing a bang up job across the globe. But the controversy may be a bit inflated as the New York Times reported Hillary Clinton used the Philadelphia-based firm to vet potential cabinet appointees. And Heavy noted that Senator Ted Cruz was a partner at the firm from 2008 to 2013, representing corporate clients. Also — in a day that saw Trump complain about germs and call CNN a fake news site, being represented by an award-winning firm is the least of his worries.

(Via Heavy & The New York Times & Morgan Lewis)

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