Trump’s Lawyer Contradicts The President’s Own Claim That He’s Under Investigation

News Editor
06.18.17 3 Comments

On Friday, President Trump unleashed one of his classic early-morning tweet storms while seemingly confirming that he’s under investigation: “I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt.” Many people came to the natural conclusion that Trump was being probed for obstruction of justice because the Washington Post had recently reported as much. And since Sean Spicer stated that Trump’s tweets are “official statements,” people should be able to rely on them, yes? Well, Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow appeared on Sunday morning’s Meet the Press to clear up some confusion. (Let that sink in for a moment.) Sekulow insisted that Trump is not personally under investigation. Yet:

“He’s responding to what he sees in the media in a way in which he thinks is appropriate to talk to [his followers] … He’s not afraid of the investigation. There is no investigation. I want to be clear here. The tweet about the investigation …. he told James Comey when James Comey was still the FBI director — and James Comey testified to this — to continue that probe, find out what happened there. He’s not worried about this, but there is not an investigation of the president of the United States. Period.”

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