Trump Draws Criticism For Politicizing The London Terror Attacks

06.04.17 11 months ago 20 Comments

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During the Saturday night London terror attacks that killed seven people and wounded dozens more (through an attack on pedestrians with a van and a stabbing attack in a nearby restaurant), President Trump began plugging his revised travel ban in a Twitter-bender that lasted through Sunday morning. Related U.K. investigations are, of course, still ongoing. Police killed three suspects within minutes of the first calls to emergency services, and during early morning raids, authorities arrested twelve more people in connection with the attacks, but Trump decided to keep things strictly political.

The president first retweeted the Drudge Report (although the site had posted unconfirmed information), and the below tweets show how he lashed out at courts for a nationwide freezing of his ban. Trump insisted that his travel ban is needed to protect America, and he also brought up gun control. Here are his relevant tweets, in which he slammed London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s “politically correct” morning address:

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