Trump Is Mad That The Media Is Ignoring WikiLeaks’ Latest Clinton Email Dump

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10.12.16 17 Comments

Donald Trump is still piping hot mad over his belief that he doesn’t get a fair shake in the press. On Wednesday, Trump addressed a rally in Ocala, Fla. while claiming that despite a recent WikiLeaks dump on Hillary Clinton, the media is still reporting on him for what he feels are unimportant reasons.

After the leak of his “locker room banter” and his second presidential debate performance, Trump has seemed like he is veering off in a whole new direction. He told his loyal followers on Tuesday that the “shackles” were off from here on out, but it’s even more fascinating to know there were shackles on to begin with. And this new shackle-free campaign is not holding back, as he called out his two favorite targets, Clinton and the media.

Trump criticized the media for not fully reporting on recent WikiLeaks releases or Clinton’s leaked emails. And he scolded them for concentrating on his sniffling during the debates over this information:

“Released by WikiLeaks, make more clear that ever, just how much is at stake in November and how unattractive and dishonest how our country has become…These mainstream media people don’t talk about this. Now if I sneeze today, it’s a major story.”

In all fairness, Trump has used Clinton’s health as a major speaking point on this campaign, so Trump doesn’t have much room to complain regarding his sniffles (which he blamed on a defective mic). During the rally, Trump took a few chances to call out his own followers who have yet to register to vote.

Mission Unshackled is in full-force and this runaway train doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

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