A Trump Campaign Co-Chair Claims The Khans Don’t Deserve To Be Gold Star Parents

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08.15.16 8 Comments

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Ever since Khizr and Ghazala Khan took the stage at the Democratic National Convention to praise their son’s memory, ridicule Donald Trump, and endorse Hillary Clinton, the parents of U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan have become a constant target. Trump surrogates like Katrina Pierson and Corey Lewandowski have lambasted the Khan family on CNN, and even the Republican nominee himself has engaged the pair during interviews and speeches. So it should come as no surprise that Trump’s New York campaign co-chair has entered the fray with an astounding array of claims against the Khans.

Carl Paladino, New York’s 2010 Republican gubernatorial nominee who lost in a landslide election against Democrat Andrew Cuomo (but not before scoring a sweet photo op with Jimmy McMillan, above), recently told Imus in the Morning that the Khans didn’t deserve to be Gold Star parents. What’s more, the campaign co-chair insisted on repeating Trump and others’ claims that Khizr was either a member, or a supporter, of the Muslim Brotherhood. BuzzFeed and others picked up on Paladino’s comments and ran with them, causing him to respond directly to the website’s Andrew Kaczynski in a lengthy email.

“Kahn’s (sic) history of advocating for Islamist terrorists like the Muslim Brotherhood and his prior communications with terrorist individuals and organizations give reason to his dumb attempt to enter the arena and re-define to real Americans the Trump they know as a patriotic leader who will confront and destroy America’s demons and do what Hillary and her hero Barack don’t have the fortitude or disposition to do,” he wrote. “Allowing himself to be so controlled by Hillary that he would dishonor the memory of his heroic son shows the man’s lack of character and backbone.”

Paladino concluded with certainty “that most Gold Star parents would despise Mr Kahn’s (sic) attempt to politicize his son’s loss,” and that “Hillary should be ashamed and pillaged for encouraging the Kahn’s (sic) to so tragically make fools of themselves.”

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