What We Saw And Heard When We Attended The Trump/Palin Rally In Tulsa

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01.21.16 9 Comments

On Wednesday, Donald Trump held an enormous rally at Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Oral Roberts University. You may have seen the video footage already. From all outward appearances on TV and YouTube, this sure looks like a low-key rally attended by a smattering of attendees. This wasn’t the case, and I will confirm that Trump is correct when he complains how the media doesn’t reveal his “beautiful” supporters. The close framing of speech coverage doesn’t allow for an accurate portrayal of what a Trump rally is like.

I experienced the dubious pleasure of attending this event, which was to be no ordinary Trump rally, for Sarah Palin was also on the bill. After Tuesday evening’s unhinged speech, anyone who spends time on the internet would suddenly view this double billing more exciting than the average, repetitive Trump rally. It seems bizarre to consider Trump’s moves as “stale,” but he knew his campaign needed extra pizzazz after his shock value wore thin. Palin is perfectly game to add her own shtick to the mix.

As we’ve already covered, Palin virtually blamed President Obama for Track Palin’s domestic abuse incident. That was the one segment of Palin’s speech that didn’t receive rip-roaring applause from the arena, perhaps because people were shocked to hear her draw the connection. Palin aimed for sympathy from a military-loving audience, which didn’t work out as planned. However, I’m delivering observations rather than re-analyzing already covered ground, so let’s back up to what the rally looked like from the outside.

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