This Glimpse Into A Donald Trump Rally Paints A Terrifying And Hilarious Picture Of The Average Supporter

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03.30.16 2 Comments

Friend of Uproxx Pauly Casillas infiltrated a Donald Trump rally in Tuscon, Arizona earlier this month, and if you’re already wondering how he did so without being manhandled, harassed, or thrown out, it’s because he did so under the guise of a rep from — a fictional organization. This gave him the perfect cover to open an honest and frank dialogue with both Trump supporters and skeptics alike as to why they do or don’t support the candidate.

Of course, it’s a lot of what we’ve already heard; build a wall this, take back America that. One particularly charming older gentleman wearing what appears to be a camouflage hat with a trout superimposed over a confederate flag seemed to miss the point Casillas attempted to make by comparing Donald Trump to Paris Hilton — another self-made mogul from an empire family with a successful reality TV show under her belt — writing her off as a “little skank.” Likewise, he brushes Casillas off when he points out that the upturn of what Hilton has done with her inheritance is more than what Trump’s done with his.

My favorite moment, hands down, is the perky young self-proclaimed virgin claiming to want to marry Donald Trump (Melania who?), who is less concerned with whether or not “his dick is trash” and more so with getting her green card, billions and billions of dollars, and being on Dancing With the Stars. An American dream we can all relate to, really. God bless the U.S.A.

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