Donald Trump Refuses To Disavow The KKK And Seems Fine With Mussolini Comparisons

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02.28.16 6 Comments
Donald Trump Holds Final Iowa Campaign Rallies On Day Of Caucuses

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Ahead of Super Tuesday, Donald Trump has thrown down such a yuuuuge media weekend — with his Chris Christie endorsement and promise to “open up” libel laws — that the Sunday morning talk show circuit can’t cope. America has never seen anything quite like Donald Trump, but world history offers some lessons. Trump has earned Hitler comparisons for many months, and he’s been unfazed by this talk, but this week saw more comparisons by former Mexican President Vicente Fox and Noam Chomsky. Can this many people be wrong while comparing Trump to a fascist? At the very least, this is causing the GOP a lot of embarrassment.

On Sunday’s edition of Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd informed Trump of his latest Twitter mess up. Trump was blindly retweeting (as always) when he spotted this Benito Mussolini quote, which was aimed in his direction by the Il Duce 2016 account:

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