A Trump Supporter Passed A Sweet Note To Members Of The Press Covering A Rally In Florida

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Donald Trump always has a bone to pick with specific individuals, groups or both — it all depends on the time of day, the weather and whether or not his hair combs over correctly. That said, those who’ve most consistently drawn the Republican nominee’s ire are the members of the press, whom he attacks regularly on social media, at campaign rallies and during interviews. And with repeated calls for British-like libel laws and his followers targeting journalists, it seems Trump’s animosity won’t end anytime soon.

As CBS News correspondent Sopan Deb revealed while covering a Trump rally in Tallahassee, Florida on Tuesday, not all of Trump’s supporters agree with their candidate’s opinion of the press. Hence a sweet, handwritten note the CBS News team received from one of the rally’s attendees, in which they apologized for the mob mentality directed their way:

“Thank you for doing your jobs!” the note read. “I have seen the reports of the hostility directed your way at Trump rallies, and as a proud American I am horrified. I am so sorry.” The writer went on to praise the “ideals” on which America was founded, including the need for a “free, open, functioning press.”

Other members of the media covering Trump quickly chimed in online, including Bryan Llenas with Fox News. The national correspondent shared a “letter we received outside trump rally in Pennsylvania last week” in response to Deb’s original tweet:

“Your work is critical,” said Llenas’s note. “It moves our democracy forward — on both the days I applaud your headlines and the days I don’t. Because your work isn’t about partisanship, but about the truth. Keep up your hard work!”

Considering all the times Trump has insulted various cable news channels, newspapers, magazines and journalists on Twitter, it’s a sure bet he doesn’t share these two supporters’ sentiments.

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