People Are Straight Up Celebrating The Demise Of The GOP Healthcare Bill

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03.24.17 11 Comments

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On Thursday night, Donald Trump issued a threat to Republicans — either the House would sit down for a Friday vote on Trumpcare, or Obamacare would stay in effect. And it looks like the latter is definitely what’s happening now.

Perhaps the president was feeling especially emboldened by his exciting big-rig adventure, but he felt it was time to force a deal. And despite growing opposition, Friday saw the GOP Healthcare bill land on Capitol Hill for a debate and showdown vote, which ended in utter failure. Paul Ryan hurried to the White House to tell Trump that the bill didn’t have enough votes, and then Trump told Ryan to pull the bill (or so he claims). Trump’s officially blaming Democrats for the bill’s failure, and his story will likely change.

Yet for now, much of America is currently celebrating, including Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), who tweeted this photo: “It’s over (for now). A tremendous victory for the American people.”

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