These Florida Twin Sisters Decided To Bond With Each Other Over A Little Armed Robbery

10.31.15 2 years ago

Volusia County Sheriff's Department

There’s a lot to be said about connecting with your siblings. But when your parents told you to “stick together,” they probably didn’t have major crimes in mind. And yet, twin sisters in Florida decided to become closer by robbing a convenience store for a couple of hundred dollars and a bottle of ginger ale, which is now the official drink of armed robberies everywhere.

The Smoking Gun reports that the 24-year-olds walked into a Daytona Beach Food Mart on Tuesday and tried to take the guy at the register for all he was worth:

According to police, Kristi Bergeron and her sibling Kayla walked into the Food Mart store in Daytona Beach and proceeded to a refrigerator, where Kayla selected a bottle of ginger ale.

The 24-year-old twins then approached the front counter. “I have a gun, open the register!” announced Kayla, as detailed in a Circuit Court charging affidavit. “Are you kidding me?” replied clerk Sabbir Ahmed.

Turns out they weren’t kidding. At least one of the twins had a small handgun that she aimed at the clerk. They got $230 (and the ginger ale) and ran from the scene. Great work, guys, but here’s a few tips for would-be armed robbers everywhere: 1. cover your license plate; 2. Don’t be an identical twin. The first rule of armed robbery is that no one should see your face or be able to give the police an accurate description! (I don’t know that from experience.)

The twins were quickly caught and arrested. Police didn’t find the gun—-they believe it was thrown away after the robbery–but they did recover the money. And the ginger ale. That’s gotta burn, right? Not only did they get caught, but the twins didn’t even finish the refreshing beverage (why did they only get one?) that they stole.

The Bergerons are currently cooling their heels in jail. Each twin’s bond has been set at $25,000. No word yet on whether other inmates freaked out because they mistook the twins for double Haley Joel Osments.

(Via The Smoking Gun)

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