United Airlines Forcibly Removed A Doctor From An Overbooked Flight, And It Was Caught On Video

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04.10.17 56 Comments

A United Airlines passenger claiming to be a doctor was forcibly removed from a flight headed to Louisville late Sunday night, caught in this shocking video taken by one of the other passengers. According to Tyler Bridges, who live tweeted the ordeal, United announced that the flight was overbooked and asked for volunteers to give up seats to accommodate crew members.

When no one offered up their seats, United staff reportedly settled on the man in the video, who allegedly begged not to be removed as he said he had patients to see in the morning. Airport security is then seen dragging the screaming man from his seat and down the aisle of the plane. Another clearly alarmed passenger can be seen pleading with the security officers, “No! Guys, my god, what are you doing? No, this is wrong, oh my god, look at what you’re doing to him!”

Here’s video from another angle:

Passenger Bridges laid out exactly what happened on the plane in a series of tweets.

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