A ‘New York Post’ Report Sheds Light On How The US Govt Covered Up The Role Saudi Arabian Officials Played In 9/11

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04.17.16 24 Comments

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A Sunday exposé from the New York Post digs into the missing portion — known as the “28 Pages” — of the 9/11 files. Through a series of attempted and partial interviews, the paper uncovers a pattern of stonewalling that occurred whenever anyone asked the FBI about Saudi Arabia’s possible connection to the hijackers. The White House also refused to declassify all information that could illuminate a connection between the Saudi elite and the men who flew airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. These alleged maneuverings may have been aimed towards preserving the U.S.’ alliance with the oil-producing state

The report segment in question has been safeguarded in the U.S. Capitol basement, but the New York Post found many claims of “diplomatic immunity” standing in front of evidence that investigations were shut down and alleged co-conspirators were overlooked. The paper spoke with an on-record source who details hijackers’ funding by a Saudi ambassador. The same source also alleges that prominent Saudis “are currently funding the global jihad.” Accusations of a deliberate U.S. coverup only spiral from there:

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