The U.S. Military Is Reportedly Weighing Whether To Shoot Down Future North Korea Missile Tests

04.18.17 1 year ago

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Tensions between the United States and North Korea are nearing a boiling point that makes some wonder whether World War III might be right around the corner. North Korea doesn’t really care that the U.S. wants them to stop flexing nuclear muscles, for they plan on even more nuke tests, possibly as frequently as every week. The fact that no prior “strategic patience” methods, including sanctions, have deterred North Korea from tests leaves the U.S. military in a precarious situation with very few options. According to The Guardian, one thing that’s being considered is shooting any future missiles from North Korea out of the sky.

The report suggests President Trump is weighing the pros and cons associated with the shoot-down strategy. The idea has reportedly made it to a stage that includes Defense Secretary James Mattis briefing Congress about the possibility. Officials are weighing whether the strategy would be an escalation of an already heightened war-ready situation, which might give North Korea confidence once bullets are live.

U.S. carrier ships are already on their way to the Korean peninsula as a sign of strength. The Guardian‘s report states the U.S. Naval ships would either use their Aegis missile-defense system to shoot down any potential missiles or ask Japan to use their own systems to get the job done. The U.S. has apparently been discussing the option for quite some time, even considering it as an option on Saturday, when North Korea conducted a failed missile attempt following their Day of the Sun holiday parade.

(Via The Guardian)

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